Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (2023)

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  • 1 1) Pathways World School
  • 2 2) Pathways School Gurgaon
  • 3 3) GD Goenka World School
  • 4 4) Heritage International xperiential school
  • 5 5) Lancers International School
  • 6 6) Amity Global School
  • 7 7) Scottish High International School
  • 8 8) DPS International
  • 9 9) Excelsior American School
  • 10 10) Unicosmos School
  • 11 11) Suncity school
  • 12 12) Shiv Nadar School
  • 13 13) The Shri Ram School

IB schools in Gurgaon are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their distinctive International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. IB schools give students global exposure as well as a little higher and more career-oriented practically relevant education.

Are you trying to select a school for your child in Gurgaon? Going to a top-notched IB World School gives your child international exposure, more rigorous education and a path to pursue higher education anywhere in the world. IB schools primarily operate in three major curriculums, which encompass a variety of programmes ranging from elementary education through career preparation. All of these top IB schools offer some combination of the Primary Years Programme, Middle Year Programme and Diploma Programme.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a highly respected and internationally recognised curriculum that is offered at a number of schools in the globe. In International Baccalaureate more focus is laid on practical application of concepts in the form of regular projects and making connections between the concept and real life examples.

1) Pathways World School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (1)

Pathways is one of the top ten IB schools not just in Gurgaon, but also in India. PWS was established in the year 2003, the large campus is situated along the majestic foothills of the Aravali Range, with 34 acres of land green expanse that homes both residential and day boarding facilities in its environment-friendly modern architecture. It is one of such institutions that promotes Indian culture while still providing an international exposure. The school offers the Primary Years (Pre Nursery to Grade 5) , Middle Years (Grade 6 to 10) and Diploma Programme (Grade 11 and 12) of the IBO. The school offers several programmes over the weekend such as Hiking, Robotics, Community Service, Design and Technology, Photography and many more. Their well-equipped campus includes multiple amenities such as smart classrooms, laboratories, studios, atriums, amphitheatre, dance, music and theatre, Sport fields, Horse riding etc.


2) Pathways School Gurgaon

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (2)

The 10 acre LEED certified campus has an environment-friendly modern architecture with world class academic and sports infrastructure. Pathways School Gurgaon is India’s first and currently the only IB continuum school, offering all 4 IB programmes – PYP, MYP, DP and CP. There the IB curriculum is delivered with an aim to develop students’ competencies and mindset to become life-long learners. Suites for Music, Visual Art, Performing Art, Design, Laboratories and Sports facilities are their hubs for student activities.


3) GD Goenka World School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (3)

GD Goenka World School is counted among the best international schools in Gurgaon. GD Goenka offers both day and boarding facilities. The student-teacher ratio is maintained at 8:1 which ensures individualised teaching methods over their 26 years of excellence. They are known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and boarding facilities together with an experienced facility and a well-balanced curriculum. Their holistic approach to study is showcased by their wide-range of facilities such as an air-conditioned campus, smart classrooms, high tech labs, auditorium and cafe facilities. Its outdoor activities like swimming, track and field, cricket alongside the indoor activities such as aerobics, gymnastics, table tennis allow students to expand outside their curriculum. This shows that co-curricular is given equal importance as theory papers. They offer rigorous IB Primary Years and Diploma Programme.


4) Heritage International xperiential school

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (4)

HIXS was awarded by Education World as 1 in co-educational day schools in India in 2019 and has consistently ranked among the top international schools for 5 years. The school offers the International Primary Programme (IB PYP) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). The school provides weather-controlled classrooms supported by audio-visual aids. Its extracurriculars include sculpture, potter, paper recycling and reusing, fashion designing, hindustani and western music and swimming.


5) Lancers International School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (5)

Lancers International School is an IB affiliated school and has a rich history with a mission of making lancerians grow and understand people of all races and cultures. The school offers both day and boarding options in its wide-spread campus of 5 acres. It is also enlisted as a UN chapter school in 2016 and two of the school’s alumni were interns in NASA in the year 2000. LIS offers a strong International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum at all levels which include Primary, Middle and Diploma programmes. The school provides world-class infrastructure and an array of co-curricular activities. The school also offers the following physical activities: Fencing, Gold, Handball, Judo, Archery, Baseball, Camping, Trekking and many more. LIS has an average IB score of 39 points in the year 2021.


6) Amity Global School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (6)

AGS is one of Top International IB schools in Delhi. The school offers the Primary Years and Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate organisation of Geneva. The school provides enormous opportunities for the students to enhance their academic, social and sporting skills through their array of facilities. Their infrastructure makes plenty of room for science and IT labs, library, language labs, visual and performing arts and a number of sports. The major advantage of studying in Amity Global International School is the increased chances of getting selected for international scholarships. The school provides enormous opportunities for the enhancement of academic, social and sporting skills among its students.


7) Scottish High International School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (7)

A day school with a green campus spreading over 5 acres of land offers an exclusive student-teacher ratio of 1:10. The school motto is “Question, Understand, Apply” which justifies their curriculum choice and holistic education. The curricula at Scottish High are laid out with features that meet all the requirements of an expansive learning programme. They follow IB Primary Years Program for Nursery to Class V and IB Diploma Program for Class XI and XII. Its campus offers facilities that support an array of co-curricular activities such as Art, Music, Dance, Archery, Gymnastics, Scuba Diving, Taekwondo etc.


Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (8)

8) DPS International

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (9)

DPS International, a co-educational school uses the best practices available in International Education to help students develop into well rounded, responsible individuals with a wide range of skills and ability to analyse complex issues. The IB curriculum they follow fosters a strong sense of multiculturalism and universal values in students who are committed to a pluralistic sensibility and positive change. As an IB school, DPSI offers a continuum of Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma Programme. These programs encourage both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. Its campus houses art libraries, yoga and meditation rooms, drama and art studio, science and technology labs. It also offers a number of extra curricular activities such as Billiards, Squash, Skating, Martial Arts and Gymnastics allowing a student to grow on every front.


9) Excelsior American School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (10)

EAS campus expands over 5 acres of land using sustainable and eco-friendly facilities. The co-educational school offers both day and boarding facilities in its state of art infrastructure. EAS offers an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for Grade 11 and 12. Through the incorporation of international pedagogy, they nurture in their students an educational development relevant to the challenges of the 21st century and prepare them for acceptance to first-class universities in the world. It provides students with a nutritious menu and multi-activity playground for consistent physical growth along with its disciplinary routine. Its extraordinary infrastructure accommodates physical activities such as squash, badminton, basketball and cricket along with student counselling, allowing both mind and body to grow healthy.


10) Unicosmos School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (11)

Unicosmos School aims to promote globally recognised international education in India. They offer an educational experience with ultra-modern facilities keeping the safety of the children on high priority. They have state-of-the-art IT and security controlled school campus. Unicosmos School has a constellation of international faculty with a network of value-added technology and insights. They offer all the levels of International Baccalaureate Programs – Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma. They facilitate native and international sports offering basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, golf, taekwondo, etc.


11) Suncity school

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (12)

Suncity co-educational school that offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). This school has a long tradition of academic excellence and is known for its luxurious facilities and wide range of extracurricular activities. The school’s infrastructure and amenities include e-facility, spa block, logical lab, linguistic lab, etc. They offer a number of sports such as Rock Climbing, Hockey, Skating, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball that allow the child’s physical growth. It promotes sports equally with academics.


12) Shiv Nadar School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (13)

Shiv Nadar School is IB World School. They offer a “scholastic and co-scholastic” curriculum that is individually crafted for each age group and varies depending on what is most likely to assist with a student’s growth at that age. The school offers an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for grades XI and XII. The school provides an environment where students can discover their talents and skills and accomplish their goals by making the best out of its facilities. The school also keeps in mind the physical growth of its students by offering different programmes at different levels in sports.


13) The Shri Ram School

Top 13 IB Schools in Gurgaon | TYCHR (14)

The Shri Ram School provides diverse education in a safe, supportive environment promoting sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. It is one of the oldest International Baccalaureate schools offering all the best facilities to enable children to grow into ideal global citizens. It has specialisation in the Diploma Programme offered for students studying in grade 11 and grade 12. This program is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education that prepares students for success at university and life beyond. Their motto is to incorporate rich Indian values in the kids while making them a global asset.


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