50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (2023)

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (1)

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Quantitative research questions can be tricky at times. Student needs to choose the type of question he/she would like to answer or work on. Even though one may find picking a quantitative research paper topic easy, things might turn out to be overly complicated for an individual who isn’t aware of the technicalities.

Now that you too are grappling with the intricacy of choosing an ideal quantitative research paper topic, consider reading through this blog. I will be discussing the various technicalities that can be implemented in order to choose and structure a quantitative research question. What’s more? I will be sharing a list of 50+ unique quantitative research topics for you.


Brought in one of its academic journals by the British Library, quantitative research questions are generally used in order to set the scene for industry reports or an entire study. There are basically three common types of quantitative research questions you will come across. Let’s take a look at them.

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (2)

Types of Quantitative Research Questions

Now that you are aware of the 3 crucial types of quantitative research questions, it’s time to know how to select an ideal topic or a question in different situations. Here’s a smart chart illustrating the same. Take a look.

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (3)

How to Choose a Quantitative Research Question

I am going to share further details with an explicitly discussed theoretical insight into the context of choosing an ideal quantitative research question. Take note:

Step 1: Choose the research topic

Remember, your research question will represent the type of quantitative research you will use in your dissertation. So, you should always consider choosing the type of research question quite carefully. It can be descriptive, comparative or relationship-based. If you already have a couple of plants and unique ideas in your head, figure out if they are rational and relevant in nature.

Once you are done deciding the same, figure out the type of research question you can form using that particular idea. It goes without saying; you are required to come up with different perspectives and styles for each of the aforementioned research question types.

Step 2: Identify the variables

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a relationship-based, comparative or descriptive research question. You should consider identifying the different aspects you will try to control, manipulate or measure.

There are primarily two types of variables; categorical variables and continuous variables. In addition, you need to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of dependent variables and independent variables. In case you are planning to structure a research paper based on descriptive questions, then you need to measure a number of dependent variables. On the other hand, working on a comparative or relationship-based research question will require you to deal with independent and dependent variables as well. Once you are done indentifying the individual variables associated with different types of research questions, you need to plan a perfect structure.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate structure for different types of questions

The structure is different for each of the three types of research questions. Take a look.

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (4)

Structure of Descriptive Research Questions

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (5)

Structure of Comparative Research Questions

50+ Unique Quantitative Research Topics (6)

Structure of Relationship-based Research Questions

Step 4: Jot down the issues you would address

Now that you are done structuring the questions for the individual research types, it’s time to jot down the issues you would like to address. You have to be more attentive and flawless. Remember, you should consider highlighting each of the issues and addressing the same in simple languages.

The idea is to frame readable quantitative research papers. It should not appear to be convoluted in nature and must solve the purpose of establishing rational perspectives. In addition, it should also maintain a unified structure throughout the paper.

Moving on to the next section, here is a set of 50+ unique and crucial quantitative research questions for you to explore.

50+ Interesting Quantitative Research Topics

  1. The relationship between crime statistics and immigration.
  2. The impact of education on obesity.
  3. The relationship between electoral results and consumer confidence.
  4. What are the issues faced by Uber? What can be done in order to solve such issues?
  5. The link between competitive risk assignment and estimated target market.
  6. The impact of net neutrality and what could possibly happen in the future.
  7. The strategy that saved IBM from going insolvent.
  8. The aspect of gambling from the perspective of psychology.
  9. How Magna Carta changed England?
  10. Associated risks of confidential data storage and detection.
  11. How is workplace diversity helping organizations become more productive?
  12. The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing services.
  13. Is franchising really beneficial for businesses in and around the United Kingdom?
  14. The advantages and disadvantages of Social Security Reform.
  15. The pros and cons of social education in groups.
  16. Is liberalism an ideal solution?
  17. Are loyalty programs the most essential component of marketing?
  18. The rise and impact of social media in marketing.
  19. The advantages and disadvantages of setting up start-ups in the United Kingdom.
  20. Benefits of Black Friday sales.
  21. The impact of market segmentation in the United Kingdom.
  22. The fundamentals and vision of Kellogg on Marketing.
  23. The definition of viability and its link with the scientific evidence for abortion.
  24. The role and impact of IT infrastructure Usage in the Healthcare industry.
  25. Quantitative analysis of the marketing strategies followed by different automobile companies in and around the United Kingdom.
  26. The effect of public relations in corporate organisations.
  27. The link between online blogs, press releases and business development.
  28. Using social insights for better marketing ROIs.
  29. The impact of the recession on promotional activities related to marketing assignment help
  30. Will society be better without the inclusion of organised religion?
  31. The implementation and impact of brain chips.
  32. The effect of relationship marketing in various UK-based corporate organisations.
  33. Different strategies to measure consumer satisfaction.
  34. The ethics and fundamentals of pharmaceutical marketing.
  35. The role and impact of religious iconography in a nation.
  36. How bioterrorism can bring in the negative impact on the environment around us?
  37. The role and impact of nuclear energy in today’s world.
  38. The link between academic achievement and economic status.
  39. The relationship between retirement and debt accumulation.
  40. Comparing the strategic display of a product of different brands.
  41. The link between fiscal decentralization and innovation.
  42. The relationship between cognitive development and child nutrition.
  43. The impact of solar electricity on the wholesale energy market.
  44. The link between micro financial participation and expectations.
  45. Quantitative analysis of the number of homeless people in the United Kingdom.
  46. What is the difference between the daily calorific intake of British men and women?
  47. Should marijuana be legalised worldwide?
  48. The relationship between economic growth and urbanisation.
  49. What percent of Great Britain residents are falling short of their daily dose of vitamins?
  50. What percent of Great Britain residents owns pets?
  51. The advantages and disadvantages of online banking.
  52. Strategies to calculate the sample size of G Power Analysis.
  53. Evaluating nurse’s knowledge of dysphagia by quantitative research.
  54. Is international civil society a contemporary form of neo-colonialism?
  55. The role of quarantine in current epidemiological practices.
  56. How can be creativity measured in online advertising?

Take some time out to evaluate each of the topics and select the one that appears to be interesting. Refer to the suggestions as well, and I hope you will be able to come up with a well-knit quantitative research paper this semester.

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